The wavelength project

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What is the wavelength project?

Why are we drawn to the natural environment, enjoying brilliantly coloured sunsets, for example? Why is art and the natural environment important to the human condition and what impact does art and the natural environment have upon health and wellbeing? Award-winning multimedia artist Mark Ware and experts in neuroscience, nature & conservation, neuro-disability, space research and history will seek to answer these questions.

The wavelength project will be lead by a collaboration between Mark Ware and neuroscientist, Professor Hugo Critchley and his team at the Sackler Centre for Consciousness Science, Brighton.

The wavelength project will neuroscientifically investigate and artistically interpret how we respond to natural versus artificial light and sound. The science activities will inform the development and creation of a series of artistic outcomes, including original music compositions, multimedia performances, sound and light installations, creative workshops and creative field research activities.

These are early days for the project and the various creative events listed above (and more!) will unfold over coming months as scientific data is delivered and analysed.

The wavelength project is supported by Brighton and Sussex Medical School, Arts Council England and Kent Wildlife Trust.

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