54 cloud studies for a project that doesn’t exist yet.

Over the past few years I’ve been working on a series of projects with visually impaired children.  Due to my stroke I’m visually impaired myself.  However, I’m not blind and on many days my eyesight is good enough to help enable me to navigate and negotiate my world with a minimum amount of support.

Some of the children I’ve been working with have been totally blind from birth.  This means that unlike sighted people, they don’t have a visual memory library to access.

Peter Mannering at the Royal London Society for the Blind explained to me that if a child who has been blind from birth is presented with (for example) a small plastic model of a cow, it will mean little to him or her.  The only way for the child to understand what a cow is, is to touch a cow because he or she doesn’t have a visual memory to access.

This led to ask a question:

How do you explain what a cloud is to a person who’s been totally blind from birth?

It is not possible to touch a cloud in a meaningful way, nor is it possible to hear clouds.

With this in mind I set about shooting a series of photographic studies to help resolve this problem.

But to date my efforts to describe a cloud have failed.

And so, I have 54 cloud studies for a project that doesn’t exist yet.

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