After studying Fine Art, Mark Ware worked professionally for multinational corporations and government agencies for fifteen years in film and video production, photography and marketing and promotion until a severe stroke in 1996 radically altered the course of his life.

Mark says, ‘I view the time before my stroke as my ‘past life’, an experience shared by many others who have had a serious brain injury.  Since my stroke in 1996, most of my artwork has been influenced by disability in some way. Stroke is a neurological condition and in my case it badly affected both my physical and cognitive abilities. Although I don’t welcome my disability, I value the impact it has had on my art. I perceive the world in a different way now because of my disability, therefore it’s inevitable that my artwork reflects that fact’

Since 2004, with the support of Arts Council England, Mark has created a series of art projects that have explored various aspects of his experience and understanding of disability. This journey has led to his current art science collaborations with psychologists and neuroscientists at the Sackler Centre for Consciousness Science at the University of Sussex and Staffordshire University’s School of Psychology, Sport and Exercise.

Articles about Mark’s collaborations can be found at:

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Self portrait after a stroke

Image: Mark Ware

Image illustrating how stroke altered his vision

Mark Ware’s stroke affected him on the left side of his brain and so, the right side of his body