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Brain Awareness Week (12-18 March 2012) University of Birmingham

Brain Awareness Week Poster

Brain Awareness Week (BAW) was a global campaign to increase public awareness of the progress and benefits of brain research. On March 14th 2012, Mark Ware contributed to a series of public lectures as part of the programme for Arts for the Brain, an exhibition designed by Dr. Emil C. Toescu and set up by the University of Birmingham in collaboration with mac birmingham (formerly the Midlands Arts Centre). Mark displayed a series of digital artworks as part of the exhibition. More information on the exhibition programme and Mark’s involvement can be found in Dr. Emil C. Toescu’s paper, “Arts for the Brain – starting point for a journey”














New Digital Artwork

Life After Stroke Centre, Bromsgrove

Mark Ware’s digital artworks have been regularly exhibited at the Stroke Association’s Life After Stroke Centre in Bromsgrove since 2012.  The centre’s foyer is the permanent location for one of Mark’s larger scale digital images (9′ x 6′) that he produced for the official opening of the centre by H.R.H. The Duke of Kent, The Stroke Association’s Royal President on 15th May 2012.