RefN 13: ‘Woven Gold’


Price per print: £340
Prints are UNFRAMED
Sixteen prints
Limited editions of 150 each
Print size approx: 58cm(w) x 43cm(h)
Printed onto Kodak or Fuji DPII Crystal Archive paper
Each print supplied with a limited edition certificate of authenticity and a numbered label both signed by the artist
UK postage and packaging included in price

SKU: n013


Mark Ware, Dr Street and Dr Hurst are investigating why we are drawn to imagery of nature and to symmetrical patterns, and how artistic interpretations of these two things may have an enhanced effect on the brain. Throughout the touring exhibition and investigations, the prints were presented untitled, and the public were asked to offer one-word descriptions for each of them.  The titles of the artwork shown here are taken from the public’s suggestions.


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