Grants and Awards

Mark Ware’s Cathedra 900 and Reflecting Nature artwork banners exhibition, Exeter Cathedral 2012 & 2016  Photo: Mark Ware

Mark Ware received a First-class (Hons) Degree for his studies in Fine Art at Northumbria University, followed by a Master of Fine Arts at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Subjects included Sculpture, Media (photography, film and video production), Performance, Film History and Film Theory. He has extensive experience in commercial video production and photography, but following a severe stroke in 1996 he has focused almost exclusively on his Fine Art career.  Mark is currently an Honorary Research Fellow at Brighton and Sussex Medical School (University of Sussex).

Mark’s awards and grants include:

1984: Fulbright-Hayes Scholarship for study at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, USA

1985: Ford Foundation Scholarship for the study of Fine Art in Chicago, USA

1986: James Nelson Raymond Travelling Scholarship prize awarded for his final Master of Fine Arts show at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago

1988: National Interactive Video Training Award, for an interactive training simulator for the pre-press industry

1989: National Training Award, for video programmes for the pre-press industry

1992: Excellence in Communication Award, for a video programme designed to encourage young people to vote at local elections, commissioned by Milton Keynes Borough Council

1998: R&D Award (West Midlands Disability Arts Forum), to write a screenplay for a short film dealing with issues of disability

1999: Milton Keynes Arts Association development grant for scriptwriting

2000: Anglia Television development grant for scriptwriting

2003: Arts Council England award to write, develop, produce and direct two pieces of work for stage  entitled MIND GAMES (piloted at The Sallis Benney Theatre, Brighton 2004)

2005: Winner- Etcetera logo competition

2005: Arts Council England award to develop a variety of work, including a large scale 3D exhibition in Brighton, a video composition, a site-specific light sculpture and digital photography

2006: Arts Council England commission to participate in the ‘Inside Out’ project exploring the built environment from the point of view of disability, as part of Architecture Week

2009-2011: Arts Council England award for the creation of a series of interactive sound sculptures for visually impaired schoolchildren entitled, ‘Sound Posts’

2011: Arts Council England award for a multimedia event that was staged at the Carlton Theatre, Teignmouth Devon. The work included a play, a film, and exhibition of Mark’s digital artwork and a live performance by Jerri Hart, singer and trumpet player.  The event was entitled, ‘The Dog That Barked Like A Bird (and other tales)’

2011: Kaleido Arts bursary to develop the ‘Sound Waves’ project.  This activity culminated in Mark Ware giving sound workshops for children with autism and cerebral palsy at The Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama.

2012: Arts Council England award to produce Cathedra 900, a multimedia event at Exeter Cathedral, celebrating 900 years of the Cathedral’s history. Cathedra 900 included an exhibition of large-scale 3D banners, creative workshops, a multi-channel sound installation, an online exhibition of four other artists, a new short film created by award-winning Michael Bickerton and a multi-media performance featuring live classical music, readings of creative writing, a new HD video composition and lighting sequences.

2015: Arts Council England award to support development of the wavelength project; a collaboration between Mark Ware and neuroscientists at the Sackler Centre for Consciousness Science, Brighton and Sussex Medical School which is scientifically investigating and artistically interpreting the affects of natural versus artificial sound and light on the brain.

2015: Artists’ Benevolent award to help purchase equipment for the wavelength project.

2016: Arts Council England award to support the Reflecting Nature touring exhibition.

2016: Manchester’s European City of Science partner (Reflecting Nature exhibition)

2017: Arts Council England R&D grant to develop a multimedia performance for theatre entitled, ‘Over The Sea Run The Hares’

 Mark was the winner of the 2010 Stroke Association Life After Stroke (Adult Courage) Award.  To read more about the Life After Stroke Award: