54 random images


’54 random images that I may or may not revisit’ represents the types of imagery I’ve been shooting and creating over recent years.  Most of the images were produced as studies for future reference, not as finished pieces of work.

Although the selection is random and appears to be varied in content, all of the images have one thing in common:  They are all directly steered by my disability (stroke) and are influenced to a greater or lesser degree depending on the severity of the affects of my disability at the time of their creation.

Some of the images are expressions of my disability, whereas others are restricted by the limitations imposed upon me by my disability.


Altered vision

For example, some images are an attempt to express how my vision can be affected in my left eye due to stroke-related affects.

The ground upon which I walk

Other are simply views of the ground upon which I walk.  I can walk with the use of a walking stick, but I need to look down at all times to maintain my balance and so I’m forced to look at surfaces I rarely noticed in my past (pre-stroke) life.

Pinhole image of flowers

Most of the subject matter in the imagery is within a short walking distance of where I live, either in or immediately surrounding my home.  This is because I can’t walk far, and when I do walk I experience intense pain and disorientation.  From a positive point of view this has made me realise that I don’t need to visit distant places to find beauty.

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